Thinking of you, wherever you are.

I don’t think I love
very many things but
here are the ones I
can think of:

I love the first sip
of coffee in the morning

I love reading someone
else’s words and finding
a connection in them

I love the feeling a
good song invokes

I love wondering

I love driving at night
with no destination

I love the gentle kind
of sadness like a reminder
that I can feel.

—Marianna Paige (via h-o-r-n-g-r-y)

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Morning Sky

was inspired by morning skies.. not that i know anything of sunrises *guilty pleasures*

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ah!! there are so much worlds i would like to see, even not disney related ones!! but what i really would like to see, is something from the destiny trios everyday life. i mean, their world return to normal, and now they got the message from mickey. so they have to leave their old time friends and their parents again. but yeah, for some reason they didn’t seem to care a lot about their parents in kh x’DDD
or a school scene and so on. i am really interested how their life is without all these adventures they have. sorry 4 this boring answer ´p`


my hobbies include talking about my fandom to people who don’t care about my fandom

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